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Carnivora Immune System Enhance

Carnivora is the 100 percent absolutely PURE PHYTONUTRIENT EXTRACT and CAPSULE of Dionaea Muscipula, the particular species of the venus flytrap plant. Development of this extract began in Germany in the late 1970's by German physician Dr. Helmut Keller.

This specific German technology employs a method of manufacturing that yields the 100 percent pure capsule product and pure liquid extract. Our 100% PURE Liquid Extract product is not even diluted with water. It is entirely free of alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol and all other toxic excipients and fillers.

Nothing is added. Nothing is deleted.

Our Capsule product is also 100% PURE - not even diluted with water. It contains silica and cellulose powder - non-toxic to humans and animals.

Details taken from 'Carnivora website'

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