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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Natural Lutein is found in egg yolks, fat cells and green leaves. However if Lutein is extracted using hexane, consider it toxic, especially with long term use

Safe providing the colour isn’t extracted using hexane

The process of extracting the acid uses hexane and acetone. The use of hexane to extract oil and other substances is controversial and in some cases people have died from hexane poisoning. In this case a worker using hexane based cleaner for iPhone touch screens

Description: The E161 group are Xanthophylls, (from the Greek, Xanthos - yellow). They are yellow pigments, although E161g is more orange, and related to carotene. Extracted using the solvent hexane they normally contain other source plant material.

Lutein can be obtained from the same sources and at the same time as Chlorophyll, E140, and is often used in poultry feed to enhance the colour of egg yolks (see also E160c).

E161b Lutein

     E 161g Canthaxanthin>>>