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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Octenyl Succinic Acid Modified Gum Arabic is used in meat products including poultry and fish, fruit juices, chocolates, breads and cereals. They can also include processed cheese, chewing gum, jams, soups and eggs, gravies, sauces and ready-to-eat snacks.

Large doses associated with stomach disorders and can be associated with irritating skin disorders. Long term intake could cause serious health concerns.

Not permitted in Australia.

Description: Octenyl Succinic Acid Modified Gum Arabic (OSA) is a more efficient emulsifier than gum arabic, the raw material from which it is produced, with less than 50% of the modified product required for the same application.

Gum arabic is the dried gum from the stems and branches of sub-Saharan (Sahel zone) Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal (Leguminosae) trees and produced naturally as large nodules during a process called gummosis to seal wounds in the bark of the tree.

The process of esterification is used with high temperatures, of esters, acids and alcohol is used to produce polyesters, which in food used long term can cause serious health issues. Basically, it is like eating and drinking plastics.

E423 Octenyl Succinic Acid Modified Gum Arabic

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