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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses:  The FEEDAP Panel concluded that cassia gum used alone, in accordance with the conditions of use, is not efficacious as a gelling agent, thickener, emulsifier or stabiliser.

Cassia gum is regarded as a skin and respiratory sensitiser and as a potential irritant to skin and eyes.

It would be prudent to assume that cassia gum has the potential to harm workers who might be exposed via skin, eyes or inhalation.

Description: The additive cassia gum, the ground, purified endosperm of the seeds of Cassia tora and Cassia obtusifolia, is intended to be used as a technological additive (functional group: gelling agents) in feeding stuffs for all dogs and cats.

It is noted that cassia gum has the potential to be effective as a gelling agent and thickener when used together with carrageenan and xanthan, and to stabilise the effects of other emulsifiers in feed with a moisture content higher than 20 %.

E427 Cassia Gum

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