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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses:  Stearyl Palmityl Tartrate  is used as a dough strengthening agent. Stearyl Palmityl Tartrate has been extensively studied in animals.

Metabolic studies on rats revealed that it is poorly absorbed under ordinary circumstances, however if it is absorbed, it can be metabolised and does not accumulate in the tissues.

There are fears in some quarters that it may be a carcinogen.

Banned in Australia.


Description: Stearyl Palmityl Tartrate is a combination of stearic acid and tartaric acid, with the addition of palmityl alcohol, resulting in a mixture of several components.

The origin of stearic acid can be or plant or animal fat, although in practice nearly always vegetable oil will be used.

E483 Stearyl Palmityl Tartrate

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