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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses:  Ferrous Gluconate is used in olives, iron supplements (use sparingly). In small amounts it is safe but may cause gastrointestinal stress.

Restricted in the USA for colouring olives only as is known to cause death in children up to 24 months with only 1 - 2 grams.

If inhaled, iron is a local irritant to the lung and gastrointestinal tract. There is concern that the individual with metabolic defects that impair the ability to regulate iron absorption will be at risk from excessive exposure to iron, primarily as a result of acceleration of accumulation of iron in the body and an earlier onset of clinical symptoms of the disease.

This condition is known as hemochromatosis, which contributes to enlarged body organs, and if not diagnosed early can lead to serious health conditions including death.

Description: Ferrous Gluconate is the iron salt of gluconic acid, E574. Picks up metal traces and holds them in the product in a form of chelation.

Dietary supplement and sequestrant

E579 Ferrous Gluconate

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