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Fucoidan 85% Japanese Brown Seaweed Laminaria japonica and Dulse 500mg 3 Pack

Fucoidan is natural medicine which is extracted from seaweed including Fucus, kelp and wakame, Laminaria japonica etc. It contains special components with anti-coagulant, lower blood fat, anti-tumor and anti-HIV functions as well as improving kidney and renal issues. It also contains elements of protein, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. In addition to the above, the benefits include:

Antioxidant activity which attacks free radicals.

Anti-coagulant and cholesterol-lowering activity whilst lowering blood pressure and prevention of atherosclerosis.

Boosts the immune system and fight off infections.

Enzymes which prevent cancer tumour activity.

Helps fight liver disease and dispels the effects of alcohol.

Benefits Hypoglycaemic effects by balancing blood sugar.

Has anti-radiation, anti viral, anti allergy and anti-inflammatory effects.

Introducing Pure Co Antrim Dulse which has amazing health properties which helps with all-round general health. Capsules have a combination of Dulse powder and Dulse flakes. Many of the benefits include:

Strong Bone Health; which has Calcium, Magnesium and Iron protecting against Osteoporosis and building joints and bones.

Reduce Blood Pressure; which has good levels of Potassium, which helps against high blood pressure and

atherosclerosis, reducing heart disease, strokes and heart attacks.

Improved Vision; due to it's high Vitamin A content, as an antioxidant, helps reduce eye damage as macular

degeneration and the development of cataracts, improving all-round vision.

Immune Boost; which helps with general health and has high levels of Vitamin C and B Vitamins.

Thyroid Health; being high in Iodine, dulse helps with Thyroid function and has Iron helping with nerve function. This is also helpful with improving circulation.

Antioxidant Health; with so many Vitamins and Minerals, the benefits improve support against free radicals which help the fight against any tumours and inflammation therefore benefiting from all-round fight against oxidation.

Our capsules contain Fucoidan 85% Japanese Brown Seaweed Laminaria japonica, 250mg and 100mg of Pure Co Antrim Dulse in a size 1 capsule. These capsules are made from rice so are suitable for vegetarians and also contain rice and black pepper for aided absorption. 50 capsules. Take one or two capsules daily or as prescribed with water and/or food.

People who are allergic to soy should avoid Fucoidan and those on blood thinning medications should not take both. Fucoidan contains reasonable levels of iodine so thyroid sensitivities should bear this in mind. Do not take if allergic to any ingredients. Processed in a premises which handles nut, seeds and spices.