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Organic Hemp Seed Capsules 1000 mg

Organic Chia Seed Capsules, 1000 mg

Chia seeds originated in Mexico and were used by the ancient Aztecs to help boost energy and general all round health. These little seeds are power packed with Vitamins, Minerals and are rich in proteins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The many benefits contained within the seeds are:

Help with Aging. Packed with antioxidants, phenolic acids arrests free radical activity by up to 70%

Digestive Health. With a massive 11 grams of fibre per ounce, chia seeds absorb massive amounts of water and act like probiotics in the stomach.

Heart Health. Chia seeds help reduce inflammation and are high in Omega-3's they can help to reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Treat Diabetic conditions. When fed to rats, chia seeds reduced insulin resistance and belly fat helping them to recover from diabetic conditions.

Bone and Muscle Strength. Being high in minerals like calcium, boron and magnesium, they are beneficial to bone and muscle strength.

Take one to three capsules with plenty of water as they will absorb water in the stomach, so preventing dehydration. Our seeds are 25% ground to aid digestion, while the rest are whole which, when broken down in the stomach, contributes to weight loss. This way we can pack out our capsules with more seeds. Absolutely no additives or chemicals only 100% Organic.

Although rare, allergies do exist like rashes and hives. Do not use if allergic and exercise care if breast feeding or pregnant.