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The Vaccination Racket

"The 'victory over epidemics' was not won by medical science or by doctors--and certainly not by vaccines.....the decline...has been the result of technical, social and hygienic improvements and especially of improved nutrition. Here the role of the potato.......                                              .......Read More>>>

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Chiron’s Curse

We rely on these so called vaccines to do the job they claim to but here is proof that little care is actually taken to produce vaccines and this is where the Merck TB is made.            .......Read More>>>


Latest jab leaves baby fighting for his life

A British baby is fighting for his life after being given a massive overdose of a tuberculosis vaccine. It is reported that he received 0.5mg of the BCG injection.......                        .......Read More>>>

Asparagine Used In Vaccines Can Cause Cancer

Scientists have found a clue to the chemical reaction that causes potato chips, french fries and other fried and baked starchy foods (roots like potatoes/beets/carrots, grains like wheat and rice, corn, peas, beans, etc.) to build up high levels of acrylamide.......                          .......Read More>>>

Magnesium Sulpahte (Epsom Salts) Could Cause Birth Problems

Prepared from magnesium salts and sulphuric acid. Natural mineral. Mineral salt, firming agent for medications, pharmaceuticals, nutrition supplements and infant formula as a mineral

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Potassium Phosphates Used in BCG Vaccine Could Cause Cardiac Arrest

Abnormally high intakes of potassium carry potentially harmful effects, including tissue damage, the rupture of blood cells, kidney damage and heart arrhythmia that can lead to cardiac arrest. Click here for the Merck list

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