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E-coli outbreak: number of confirmed cases reaches 130

There are now 130 confirmed cases of E. coli in Northern Ireland's worst ever outbreak, the Public Health Agency has confirmed. There are a further 163 probable cases linked to Flicks restaurant in Belfast's Cityside shopping complex. In a statement on Friday,.......                      .......Read More>>>

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Geoengineering off B.C. Coast called ‘blatant violation’ of UN rules

A private company has conducted what is being described as the world’s biggest geoengineering experiment off Canada’s west coast, dumping tonnes of iron into the ocean that may have triggered an artificial plankton bloom up to 10,000 square kilometres in size........                           ..…..Read More>>>

B.C. Geoengineering experiment attracts worldwide attention at UN

Canada may be called onto the carpet this week as nations gather in the United Kingdom to negotiate the terms of an international treaty to regulate the controversial practice of geoengineering. A First Nations salmon restoration group in Haida Gwaii has.........                                     .......Read More>>>

‘Faecal transplant’ clue to treating gut bug

The gut infection Clostridium difficile can be defeated by a cocktail of rival good bacteria, experiments in mice show. When C. difficile bacteria overwhelm the gut, it can be fatal and difficult to treat with antibiotics. A UK team showed a combination of six.......                                               ......Read More>>>

WHO is taking cash handouts from junk food giants

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nation’s 'public health' arm and has 194 member states. While its official mission is 'the attainment by all people of the highest possible level of health, it is also clear that it works according to a specific agenda,…….                                  .......Read More>>>

Food, beverage industry pays for seat at health-policy table

As the world's foremost health agency, the World Health Organization bills itself as an impartial advocate working on behalf of 194 member nations. Its mission as the public health arm of the United Nations ranges from stanching communicable diseases such as malaria.......            .......Read More>>>

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WHO taking cash handouts from Coca-Cola to plug holes in budget

The World Health Organisation has taken thousands of pounds from food companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle. A regional WHO office has also taken donations from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Unilever, according to a study. The Pan American office, known as PAHO.......                .......Read More>>>