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Cannabis oil is a highly efficient natural cancer cure

Ever since the mid 70’s, medical scientists have been well aware of the beneficial effects of cannabinoid compounds over cancerous cells. Thanks to modern science, over a dozen studies conducted during recent years have been able to partially reveal just how it works.......                  .......Read More>>>

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There’s wood in my food?

The cellulose used in many foods is processed powder or pulp from virgin wood. It's becoming more common. Though not toxic, what good is it?
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Grape seed extract emerges as anti-cancer

The therapeutic potential of grape seed extract (GSE) as anti-oxidant, anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory is so well established that this natural supplement.......                    .......Read More>>>

Whole food veggie diets reverse and eliminate many serious illnesses

A new study found that plant based diets are a fundamental solution to our public health crisis, especially with some of the most serious and debilitating illnesses. The physicians at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute found that the frequency.......                                                         .......Read More>>>

Warning to parents Use of anesthetics in young causes learning problems

Millions of infants and toddlers age two and under are subjected to surgery every year. Sure, some have been in serious accidents and are suffering other types of emergency situations that require life saving operations.
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USDA threatens £40,000 fine for possession of indoor Lemon tree

The US government's assault against innocent American citizens continues to get more aggressive and just plain strange, with new reports of harassment against honest owners of ordinary lemon trees.
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