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Drought withers U.S. Corn crop, heats debate on ethanol

Ethanol has been good to Galva, Iowa.  This kernel of a community has grown almost 20 percent since the 2000 census, to 434 people—a growth spurt that locals attribute to a new golden age for corn and their very own ethanol plant, which opened in 2002.......                                            .......Read More>>>

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Global Warming: Drought linked to weather warfare

Newspapers and other media organizations across Canada and in the United States continue to report on a devastating drought. The National Post recently reported that: "The relentless heat that has blistered the United States and other parts of the.......                                                    ..…..Read More>>>

How India’s drought could be catastrophic for its economy

The northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, and the southern state of Karnataka have declared a drought, according to the Wall Street Journal. And the monsoon’s are 15% lower than the long-term average now, down from 22%. While the drought in the.......                                 .......Read More>>>

Hunger Wars in our future: Heat, drought, rising food costs ,global unrest

The Great Drought of 2012 has yet to come to an end, but we already know that its consequences will be severe. With more than one-half of America's counties designated as drought disaster areas, the 2012 harvest of corn, soybeans, and other food staples.......                           .......Read More>>>

Recalling “Tortilla Riots” Mexico President warns about food crisis

World leaders must take swift action to avert a possible food price shock in 2013, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon says, warning unchecked price volatility in staple food items could trigger an escalation in poverty to crisis levels. “I'm afraid that this new........                                          .......Read More>>>

Updated: The ugly truth about famines

The real culprit is not drought or poverty, but poor governance. In a local hospital in Mogadishu, a man carries a plastic carpet rolled up in his arms. An aid worker stops him briefly and sees a bundle inside the carpet, wrapped in blue cloth. Inside is the body of the man's four-year-old son, Abdul Rahim. "I have no money, so I cannot.........                               .......Read More>>>

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