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Swine Flu Jab Link To Sleep Disorder Probed

Links in children between the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix and the sleep disorder narcolepsy are being investigated in the UK. A causal link has already been confirmed in parts of Europe, including Sweden and Finland, and study is being.......                                                                     .......Read More>>>

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Potatoes increase risk of cancer recurrence

Potatoes can increase the return of breast cancer, a new study has found.

Foods with high starch content such as potatoes, bread and.......                     .......Read More>>>


Irish government urged to add lithium to water

A leading psychiatrist has urged the Irish government to add lithium salts to the public water supply to aid the battle against suicide and depression.......                     .......Read More>>>

Feds urge churches to peddle flu shots to members

Every year, the federal government and its pawns in state and local governments get a little bit more aggressive in their push for full compliance with the flu vaccine agenda. And this year, they are targeting faith-based groups and the leaders.......                                            .......Read More>>>

Three Vaccine Myths That Will Make Your Head Explode

A fully vaccinated child should be one of the healthiest children in the world; however, statistics show that children are unhealthier now than ever before. Despite having as many as 68 mandated vaccines from birth to eighteen, American children are.......                                                                   .......Read More>>>

Microwave popcorn gives off a toxic, lung-damaging gas when cooked

You might be reassured to learn that the buttery flavour in microwave popcorn typically comes from a chemical actually found in butter, but you shouldn't be. This chemical, called diacetyl, is so toxic that it commonly destroys the lungs of workers in microwave.......                                             .......Read More>>>


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