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Could a traditional food have pain- and inflammation-reducing effects similar to over the counter pain medicine like ibuprofen? Scientists from Italy, Spain, the U.S. and Australia have discovered that extra virgin olive oil can provide significant health benefits, including the ability to help reduce pain and inflammation. This robust, flavorful oil is an example of the food as medicine concept, that foods can have a powerful impact on health. From ancient Greece to the Holy Land, olive oil has been treasured. Celebrated as sacred in Greek mythology, the olive branch symbolized peace in Hellenic culture. Evidence of this ancient oil was discovered in 1901 at the "Room of the Olive Press" at Knossos on the island of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. From there olives were pressed into oil over 4,500 years ago and the olive oil was exported to North Africa and mainland Greece. Cultivation of olive trees spread around the Mediterranean where olive oil flourished along with many early civilizations. The bible speaks of olive oil, and it has been used by Christianity and Judaism as a holy anointing oil.

Ventolin inhalers can make asthma attacks worse, say scientists

A chemical used in Ventolin inhalers, the world's best-known asthma treatment, can make the condition worse in some patients, scientists have warned. Research at the University of Pittsburgh suggests that the chemical reverses the protective effects.......                               .......Read More>>>

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Fast food and takeaways linked to surge in child asthma and allergies

A diet of fast food and takeaways may be behind the steady surge in children's asthma and allergies affecting the UK and other developed countries, according to a study. An international collaboration of scientists has found that young teenagers........                                                .…..Read More>>>

Use of inhalers may affect growth

Children who use glucocorticoid inhalers to prevent asthma attacks may be shorter as adults, researchers said on Monday. Previous studies have shown that the drugs slow growth rate, but most experts believe that growth returns to normal after the first few........                      .......Read More>>>

Foods that contain Selenium can help control asthma

Selenium is an essential trace element in human nutrition involved in the defence against the toxicity of reactive oxygen species, also in the regulation of thyroid hormone metabolism, and the regulation of the oxidation state of cells. A major antioxidant nutrient.......                    .......Read More>>>

Is coffee helpful to relieve an asthma attack

If you are having an asthma attack, will drinking coffee help to relieve your asthma symptoms or make them worse? Depending on what study you look at, you might find the answer to be yes to both parts of the question. The caffeine, which is found in coffee.......                                 .......Read More>>>

Treating Asthma with ginger and turmeric

Chronic asthma is a condition I have been suffering from for about 3 years now. My asthma has recently worsened over time due to an autoimmune disease I have that has weakened my immune system. One of the difficulties I have been running into with my asthma.....… .......Read More>>>

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Magnesium reduces symptoms of asthma and reduces recovery by 2/3

Magnesium is one of the family of major minerals although it is not as well known as some of the other minerals in the same group. Even though it is not as prominent, the Magnesium mineral plays an essential role in about three hundred biochemical processes.....…              .......Read More>>>