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UK to give pertussis vaccine to newborns. Autism + SIDS on packaging

Here is a clear measure of medical insanity and the threat it represents to the health and life of your children: UK authorities are considering giving the pertussis vaccine to newborns, even though there are no safety studies to support vaccination of newborns.......                             .......Read More>>>

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Paypal billionaire aims to make 3D printed meat a reality

Artificial, lab-grown steaks that taste and feel just like the real thing could be round the corner thanks to a generous grant from Paypal's co-founder. Billionaire investor Peter Thiel has backed an American startup to develop its 3D bioprinting technique and.......                                   ..…..Read More>>>

Green tea extract eradicates cancer tumors

Powerful new anti-cancer drugs based on green tea could soon be developed after scientists found an extract from the beverage could make almost half of tumours vanish. The University of Strathclyde team made 40 per cent of human skin cancer tumours........                                   .......Read More>>>

Vancouver researcher finds flu shot is linked to H1N1 illness

A strange vaccine-related phenomenon spotted in Canada at the start of the 2009 flu pandemic may well have been real, a new study suggests. Researchers, led by Vancouver's Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza expert at the B.C. Centre for Disease.......                                   .......Read More>>>

UK Govt considering mandatory whooping cough vaccine for newborns

The UK Health Authorities are considering making vaccinations compulsory for newborns, vaccinating them with the DPT at birth due to the whooping cough outbreaks in the UK. The BBC News reported that number of cases in England and Wales are already three.........                                               .......Read More>>>

Archive Wotzinurfood News about the DPT vaccine

This week we focus on various issues and a round up of the whooping cough virus, in light of the UK Govt proposal to vaccinate newborn babies. Also, 3D printed meat and green tea, said to destroy cancer cells. We might need it after eating printed meat.......                                     .......Read More>>>

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