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Brain imaging could pick out benefits cheats

Certain areas of the brain light up when we are in pain, meaning imaging techniques could soon be used to determine whether people are genuinely unfit for work or merely malingering, experts said

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Sun ‘stops chickenpox spreading’

Exposure to sunlight may help impede the spread of chickenpox, claim researchers. The University of London team found chickenpox less common in regions with high UV levels,    .......Read More>>>


Rare H1N2 Virus found in Minnesota Infant

Disease specialists are carefully monitoring the case of a Minnesota infant who developed a unique type of H1N1. It’s called the H1N2 virus and it’s only the.......                                .......Read More>>>

Mercury-How To Find It

Recently while doing research in another area, I came across information that struck me as something one would never have imagined someone keeping statistics about: Mercury amounts released into the atmosphere during cremation of dead bodies—cadavers.......                       .......Read More>>>

Call for boys to get cancer vaccine

The headline for this story is not a typo. The push to sell more vaccines and pharmaceuticals has now reached a level of absurdity that should astonish any intelligent person. The mainstream media is now reporting -- and I'm not kidding -- that young boys.......                                                       .......Read More>>>

4 new Gardasil deaths reported to VAERS

On December 16, 2011, Janny Stokvis, SANE Vax Inc. VAERS analyst reported four new HPV vaccine deaths (3 Gardasil and one unknown manufacturer) have been posted to VAERS. View the chart located at

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