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Details of lethal man made bird flu WILL be made public

The World Health Organisation has said that research into a dangerous new man-made mutant form of the bird flu virus will be made public in full at some point. However, the publication will not come until scientists have had time for 'a much fuller discussion.......                                           .......Read More>>>

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British Govt considers using nerve agents, home

British government may use nerve agents on their own people, leading neuroscientists have warned. The agents to be used by police would be banned under an.......                          .......Read More>>>

Lack of security at labs could lead to epidemic

The mainstream media appears to be priming the public consciousness once again for the inevitable release of a highly-deadly pathogen in the very near future.......                                   .......Read More>>>

Controversy Brews Over Scientists’ Creation of Killer Virus

Should scientists be allowed to create extremely aggressive and highly infectious influenza viruses? Dutch virologists have done it and, in the process, triggered a fierce debate over the risks of bio terrorism and the potential release of deadly viruses.......                                          .......Read More>>>

Artificial burger meat grown in vat of bovine fetal cells.

I'm not sure which is the more offensive way to create meat. There's the current "factory farm" method where masses of hormone-jacked, antibiotics-injected cows are kept confined in what can only be called bovine concentration camps.......                                                                                                    .......Read More>>>

Test tube burgers could hit kitchens this year with taste of quarter pound

The world’s first test-tube burger will be ready to eat within months.

It will look, feel and, it is hoped, taste, like a regular quarter-pounder, its creator Mark Post told the world’s premier science conference. He plans to unveil burger and hopes celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal will cook it, although he has yet to approach him.......                                      .......Read More>>>