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Food Chain at Risk of Being Poisoned by Terrorist Groups

Food and drink sold in Britain is under a growing threat from terrorist groups which might try to poison supplies, the Government’s security advisers have warned.......                                                                  .......Read More>>>

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Child’s Death from E.coli confirmed in SW Va
A child in SW Virginia has died of an E.coli infection, and another person “in close contact” with the child has been infected as well

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Doctors Use Untested Medicine for E.Coli

US drug manufacturer Alexion is sending free medicine to Germany to help doctors battling the most severe cases in the current E.coli outbreak

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Mother Sues Drug Company after Daughter Collapses on Birth Pill

When Joan Cummins said goodbye to her 18-year-old daughter before her first term at university, she consoled herself by thinking she'd be back for Christmas.......                                                            ......Read More>>>                                                                                                                                  

Sleep Loss Dramatically Lowers Testosterone in Healthy Young Men

Cutting back on sleep drastically reduces a healthy young man's testosterone levels, according to a study published in the June 1 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.......                                                                                                                              .......Read More>>>

WHO Warns of Mobile Phone Cancer Link

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned for the first time this week that mobile phones may cause cancer. The UN’s health body urged phone owners to limit their use.......                                                  .......Read More>>>


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