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Why Chlorine is so Very Dangerous

Some of nature’s most valuable and essential anti-cancer and anti-disease phytochemical nutrients, which are commonly found in food, have been discovered to form deadly cancer causing substances when consumed or combined with chlorinated tap water.......                        .......Read More>>>

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Ireland’s Contaminated Drinking Water

IRELAND'S WATER is not as clean as we would like to think. The rate of cryptosporidiosis here is four times the EU average and higher than any other member.......                       .......Read More>>>


600,000  drinking water with deadly chemicals

More than half a million people are drinking tap water which contains higher than permitted levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals

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Dangers of Chlorine in Drinking Water

You may ask why is chlorine in drinking water? The reason is because chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant. We need to disinfect our water because of contaminates that are in it. Some of the contaminates are drugs found in drinking water.......                                                          .......Read More>>>

Health Effects of Swimming Pool Disinfection

Disinfectants that are used for swimming pool disinfection water can affect human health. Too much chlorine can cause eczema and rashes. Water that has a high pH value increases susceptibly to these kind of ailments.
When water is mobile.......
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Fluoride is Dangerous, But This Toxin in Your Water May be Far Worse

In December of 2010, Environmental Working Group (EWG) published the results of the first national investigation of suspected carcinogen chromium-6 (also known as hexavalent chromium) in the drinking water of 35 cities around the United States.......                                                .......Read More>>>


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