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Haiti cholera epidemic ‘most likely’ started at UN camp - top scientist

New evidence has emerged about the alleged role of United Nations troops in causing a cholera epidemic in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. A top US cholera specialist, Dr Daniele Lantagne, said after studying new scientific data that it is now "most likely" the source.......                                .......Read More>>>

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Baby daughter dies after waiting SEVENTY minutes to see GP

A toddler died after waiting 70 minutes to be seen by a GP, her mother has claimed. Lucie Georgia Linforth had been taken to her local doctor's surgery suffering from a suspected infection and fever on October 5. Her mother Angie

Collins said her partner had begged staff.......                ..…..

Pharmacy raided over drug link to growing US meningitis outbreak

A US pharmacy was searched by criminal investigators on Tuesday after drugs made at the store were linked to a growing meningitis outbreak that has left 16 dead.The search comes a day after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified two new drugs.........                                      .......Read More>>>

IVF screening can turn back fertility clock 10 years by choosing healthyist

An IVF process that could give a woman in her early forties the same chance of becoming pregnant as a 32-year-old has been developed by scientists. They say the screening treatment could boost a 42-year-old’s odds of having a baby from 13 per cent to 60.......                                        .......Read More>>>

Pro-Life activists protest at Belfast abortion clinic opening

A millionaire businessman who bankrolled the British National party has addressed a protest rally at the opening of the first private abortion clinic on the island of Ireland. Jim Dowson, a one-time associate and fundraiser for the BNP leader, Nick Griffin…….                                                     .......Read More>>>

How laziness could kill you

In a new study, researchers have tried to tease out the precise role of inactivity in causing ill health. People who are inactive can eat poorly, be obese, smoke and have other lifestyle issues. The researchers from the University of Missouri in the.......                                                               .......Read More>>>

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