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Will man made changes threaten our health and future DNA

Thanks to toxins, radiation, poor diet, genetically modified food and unhealthy lifestyles, human DNA and gene expression are being changed in unnatural and unhealthy ways. In effect, we are turning ourselves into genetically modified organisms and.......                                                          .......Read More>>>

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Epigenetics: Does exercise alter our DNA

You can't change your DNA. But you can change which bits of your DNA are active or inactive, through what are known as "epigenetic" adaptations. Much of the epigenetic research so far has focused on adaptations that take place shortly before or after birth (which........                             .......Read More>>>

Does epigenetics explain if genes are destiny

The remote, snow-swept expanses of northern Sweden are an unlikely place to begin a story about cutting-edge genetic science. The kingdom's northernmost county, Norrbotten, is nearly free of human life; an average of just six people live in each square.......                                                      .......Read More>>>

Epigenetics: How does it work? Video

In our current health climate, when everything is seeking for attention, and the medical world is screaming for us to take doctors seriously, we ask if tampering with our DNA is the final straw when it comes to our health and worse still, are we eating to change our DNA.......                                     .......Read More>>>

Can depression change your DNA

New research points to significant modifications of an important gene that suggests depression may play a role in changing the very makeup of the brain. Researchers at the Robarts Research Institute at The University of Western Ontario compared the brains.......                                                        .......Read More>>>

Epigenetics, Autism, and Vaccines, why we should avoid chemicals

When I learned about DNA in high school, we were told that was it.  Our DNA explained who we were. It was written in the double helix inherited from our ancestors.  Yes, DNA was the ultimate winner in the smackdown battle between nature versus nurture, that is........                    .......Read More>>>

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