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Did the Wall Street Journal bury the Merck fraud story

It was big news when court documents were unsealed revealing a whistle blower lawsuit accusing drug giant Merck of fraud and lying about the true efficacy of its mumps vaccine. Just about every media, large and small, picked it up and the world was........                                        .......Read More>>>

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Fizzy drinks change your body so it’s harder to lose weight

Drinking sugared fizzy drinks for just a month changes the body permanently so it's more difficult to lose weight. The soft drinks don't just pile on the pounds because of the calories in them - they alter the way your body burns fuel. Your muscles grow to.......                                                   .......Read More>>>

Artificial jellyfish created in lab from rat cells

The tentacled artificial creature, made from silicon, has been dubbed "Medusoid" because of its resemblance to the snake-haired character from Greek mythology whose gaze turned people to stone. It is able to mimic the swimming movement of a jellyfish........                        .......Read More>>>

Bill Gates dumps another $10 million into researching GM crops for Africa

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is once again busy funding efforts to promote the spread of the agricultural cancer that are genetically-modified (GM) crops, this time in the form of a $10 million grant it recently issued to a group of British scientists working........                       .......Read More>>>

$28 billion fund backed by Bill Gates and Bono investigated for fraud

A multi billion dollar global health fund backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is being probed for widespread fraud after it emerged grant money to developing countries had been 'eaten up by corruption.' The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.......                              .......Read More>>>

The Dangers of the Tuberculosis vaccine

We are including archive news from 2nd of December, where we reported on the dangers of the Tuberculosis vaccine, and how the ingredients of the Merck Vaccine were potentially fatal. In light of the fact Bill Gates is pushing these vaccines, should he be allowed........                          .......Read More>>>

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