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The Quickest, Easiest Way to Help Detoxify Your Body

Puzzled by the mass deaths of birds and fish in Alabama? It's also happening elsewhere, across the Eastern and Southern U.S. and around the world -- Gizmodo has a handy map of all the U.S. events.

The Activist Post offers some theories. Before you read them, however, bear in mind what Yahoo News has to say about the subject:............

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Flu scare fails as public opposes new mega h1n1-loaded vaccine

Flu shots have become a product similar to soft drinks or candy bars in the United States. With your local pharmacy advertising flu shots on television and boasting bargain prices............              .......Read More>>>


Does fluoride really fight cavities?

A new study has found that the protective shield fluoride forms on teeth is up to 100 times thinner than previously believed. This raises questions about how this renowned cavity-fighter really works.

It has long been believed that fluoride changes the main mineral in tooth enamel, hydroxyapatite, into a more-decay resistant material called fluorapatite............                                     .....Read More>>>

Mass Death of Birds and Fish: Is There a Cover Up?

Many "scientific" studies are literally nonsense. This is not a conspiracy theory. For example, the Journal of the American Medical Association [2005;294(2):218–28] published a paper showing that one-third of "highly cited original clinical research studies" were eventually contradicted by subsequent studies...........

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Warning: Scientists discover mad cow disease-causing prions infect through air

Cancer and Alzheimer's disease are usually described as the two most dreaded health disorders. But there is probably no more ghastly way to suffer and inevitably die than to contract so-called mad cow disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Prions are known to cause mad cow disease, also termed bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), and Creutzfeldt-Jakob in humans. These infectious agents produce a progressive and always lethal break-down of brain cells; they literally turn brains into sponge-like mush............                                                                                                             .......Read More>>>

Virginia House approves bill to end HPV vaccine mandate four years after overwhelmingly approving it

Controversy over the safety of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has led to a resolution to end mandates requiring young girls to receive it. If passed by the Virginia state Senate, a bill recently passed by the Virginia House of Delegates will end mandates put into place............                              .......Read More>>>         

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