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GM crop enquiry by French government

A research team from the University of Caen reported that rats fed a lifelong diet of a common strain of genetically modified corn developed breast tumours and severe damage to their liver and kidneys. Although previous safety trials have established.......                                            .......Read More>>>

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Study points to health problems with genetically modified foods

In what is bound to stoke the debate over the labelling of genetically modified foods, scientists in France have published a controversial study reporting that rats fed corn that was engineered to withstand spraying with the herbicide Roundup developed health.......                              ..…..Read More>>>

Study results raise questions about genetically modified foods

If there are problems with the methodology of a French study linking genetically modified corn to tumours in rats, then the study should be repeated to reassure consumers, says a Quebec group that wants genetically-modified foods labelled........                                                .......Read More>>>

Children born to parents eating GM wheat may DIE before 5: scientists

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has developed a novel variety of genetically-modified (GM) wheat that contains an altered protein and enzyme-suppressing mechanism that some scientists are now saying.......                                .......Read More>>>

GMO alert: 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating

There is a conspiracy of selling out happening in America. Politics and personal interest it would seem determine government policies over and above health and safety issues. When President Obama appointed Michael Taylor in 2009 as senior adviser........                                                                      .......Read More>>>

Archive Wotzinurfood News about the dangers of GMO

This week we focus on the effects GM foods potentially have on our bodies. Studies have been carried out on rats which produced tumours, and although we in the UK don’t directly eat GM crops, our cattle eat it, and we eat them. They should be banned.......                                  .......Read More>>>

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