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Warning! Are Vaccine-Resistant Pathogens Putting Your Child At Risk?

You would probably laugh at the absurdity of it—dangerous mutant invaders, seemingly by stealth, plotting a massive attack against the human race. But, what if you discovered those mutants would be invisible to the naked eye? Would you still have a hard time believing.......                 .......Read More>>>

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Monsanto wants to brainwash your children

In response to mounting public backlash from the older generation, the biotechnology industry has launched a new propaganda campaign aimed at convincing children.......            .......Read More>>>

CIA want to spy on you from your TV

Anytime you download a movie from Netflix to your television or turn on an Internet-based radio, you could be alerting people who you don't want or need watching you.......            .......Read More>>>

A 100 Trayvons daily, why real murder of blacks is carried out by Pharma

No matter what you think about the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the degree of emotional and cultural outpouring in this case is impressive. But it seems to be taking place in a highly selective way. A shooting like what happened with Trayvon is tragic but rare, whereas at least a hundred African-Americans are killed by drug companies, vaccine pushers.......                 .......Read More>>>

Antibiotics Declared a Disaster; Should Vaccines Be Next?

Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), dropped an allegorical bomb while speaking in Copenhagen Wednesday, March 14, 2012.  The mainstay of modern allopathic medicine and healthcare, antibiotics, was the target. Quite candidly Chan reported, “We are losing our first-line antimicrobials. Replacement treatments.......           .......Read More>>>

Whitney cause of death cover-up. Coroner blames cocaine, not Pharma

There's something afoot in the changing story about what actually killed Whitney Houston. According to the official coroner's report that was recently released, Whitney Houston died from drowning and cocaine was a "contributing factor." All the other prescription drugs found in her system were dismissed as being totally unrelated to.......                                        .......Read More>>>