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£ 32.15

OraMD Fluoride Free Extra Strength and Breath 3 in 1 Toothpaste Gum Disease Ulcers Bad Breath Receding Gums

Introducing OraMD's revolutionary new breath freshener OraMD "Breath"



One spray completely eliminates embarrassing bad breath.

Kills the cause of bad breath and keeps it from coming back (unlike chemical sprays, mouthwashes or breath mints).

Ingredients also clinically proven to kill periodontal bacteria (which is the worst kind of oral bacteria)

Leaves a really fresh, clean feeling in your mouth – unlike anything you’ve experienced.

100% pure ingredients only: Botanical oils of Almond, Spearmint and Peppermint.

No chemicals, sugar, alcohol, or anything artificial.

Includes about 60 sprays per bottle.

Same formulation as OraMD Original.

Endorsed by Dentists Worldwide.

Refillable, with either Ora MD Original or Ora MD Extra Strength

Neat, 5 ml Travel size for holidays

Mini size for handbag, for interviews, going on a date, partying.

Fluoride free, so no white spots or discolouration on teeth


What makes OraMD Breath different and better than other breath sprays, rinses, mints or gum?

The big difference between
OraMD Breath and other products is not the fact that our ingredients also kill the germs that cause bad breath, but the fact that we do it with 100% pure and natural ingredients – no chemicals of any kind. The 3 ingredients in OraMD Breath are a proprietary blend with special properties of almond oil, spearmint oil and peppermint oil. In a clinical study our product ingredients were found to kill all the types of periodontal bacteria which are the deadliest and worst types of mouth bacteria.

Not only do we use natural ingredients, but you will find that one spray of our product leaves a really fresh, clean feeling in your mouth unlike anything you have experienced before. It’s a WOW!

You know how offensive it is when you run across someone with bad breath. It’s an "Oh No, I can’t stand that smell." The last thing you want is your kids, grand kids or someone else saying, "Your breath smells," or offending someone with bad breath. With OraMD Breath you can say goodbye to bad breath forever. One spray kills bad breath and its cause on contact.

Another big plus of OraMD Breath is there are no bacteria-causing sugars or chemicals in our product – unlike all competing products that use chemicals and artificial and refined sugars which can actually add to the bacteria count. In most cases their products just mask the bad breath smell for a while, and then their ingredients continue to create the breeding ground for more bad breath bacteria. For example, sugar found in breath mints actually feeds bad bacteria. Alcohol in mouthwash dries out the mouth, and a dry mouth is the perfect breeding ground for more bad bacteria to grow. Artificial chemicals, additives, and flavours potentially carry other health risks.

The best and safest bet is to use 100% pure ingredients that have been clinically proven to kill the source of bad breath.

Ora MD Breath comes in a handy 5 ml spray which can be used on the go for any occasion and is totally refillable with any of our other tooth drops products. Simply pull out the stopper and tip into the spray container, so you'll never run out of your favourite tooth and mouth freshener products again.

This is a refill deal where you get an OraMD Breath spray and an OraMD Extra Strength 15 ml bottle, which can be dispensed into the spray bottle.