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When you live with a physical disability, you already know how you have to make modifications in your life to deal with the rest of the world. This is no less true for parents with disabilities. While you may share many of the same struggles as your non-disabled friends with kids, there’s no denying that you face specific and unique challenges they won’t have.

People with disabilities are often pretty used to listening to other people’s incorrect assumptions and unsolicited judgments regarding their situation. Unfortunately, that only gets worse when you introduce kids into the picture. Suddenly, everyone is a fertility expert or acts like they have a degree in what-you-should-do. It can be annoying, sure, but it’s nothing a life with a disability hasn’t prepared you for. The challenges you face on a day-to-day basis make you stronger and more ready to be a parent than just about anyone else.

Preparing Your Home

All new parents go through a nesting period where they decorate the nursery and spend hours making sure every room is child-proof. As a parent with a disability, your home probably needs a bit extra work beyond that:

If your home needs various modifications for you and your children, there are loans, grants, and other assistance programs that can help fund your projects.

Preparing Financially

Having a baby is expensive. claims a mid-income family will spend upwards around $12,000 on child-related expenses for just the first year. As someone with a disability, these costs are likely to be more as you factor in possible medical expenses related to your condition. To help prepare your finances before having a baby, take the following into consideration:

Preparing Yourself

We often get so excited about the incoming bundle of joy that all of our focus goes towards them and we neglect our own health. As a parent with a disability, it’s even more important that you take time for self-care. The stress of raising a child can trigger issues and complications regarding your disability. If you want to stay on top of your game for the good of your child, participating in a little health maintenance both physically and mentally is worth your time.

Self-care is basically anything you consciously do for your own good. It includes doing things like exercising, eating right, and taking the time for yearly check-ups with your physician. However it can also refer to little things you do to cope with stress as a parent whether it’s making yourself a cup of herbal tea after a hard day or getting your nails done. Check out this comprehensive list of ideas for self-care and make a concerted effort to do something both for your own well being and that of your child.


As a parent with disabilities, there are many challenges you will share with other, non-disabled parents. However, there are a few challenges that can differ. For instance, you may need to invest in some modifications around the home to make it easier to navigate as you care for your child. You probably need to budget more for you child and include more for your medical bills. Finally, there is your own mental and physical preparation. Take time to care for yourself for both the good of your health and your child’s own well being.

Preparing Your Life & Home as a Disabled Parent

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                   Wotzinurfood, as a food, health and food news site, does not impose any copyright, “freely ye have received, freely give” Matt 10:8. Made by Aim Day Co.   Terms of Use | Privacy Policy

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