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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Benzoic acid is added to alcoholic beverages, baked goods, cheeses, gum, condiments, frozen dairy, relishes, soft sweets, cordials and sugar substitutes.

Used in cosmetics, as an antiseptic in many cough medications and an anti fungal in ointments. Other names: benzene carboxylic acid.

Can cause asthma, especially in those dependant on steroid asthma medications.

Is also reputed to cause neurological disorders and to react with sulphur bisulphite E222, shown to provoke hyperactivity in children and can cause asthma in those dependant on steroid asthma medications.

Description: Also known as flowers of benzoin, phenlycarboxylic acid, carboxybenzene. Obtained from Benzoin, a resin exuded by trees native to Asia.

Benzoic acid is also used in the manufacture of plasticisers, resin coatings and caprolactam. It is an antiseptic, anti fungal, antipyretic agent, and can be used as an alkali metric standard.

E210 Benzoic Acid

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