Herbal Remedies for Cancer Patients

Improving Your Recovery: Herbal-Remedy Perks for Cancer Patients

Virgil Anderson


From the moment that a patient hears about their cancer diagnosis, a flood of worries enters their minds. Treatment options become weekly experiences as the patients slowly fight off cancerous tumours. Although the battle is hard fought throughout the treatment, the recovery period is just as tense. Physical pains and worries might permeate the mind with recovery drugs that have their own side effects to consider. Patients should take some time to explore herbal remedies during their recovery. Being as clean and healthy as possible is a smart pathway toward a cancer-free life.

Plant-Based Solutions

According to Cancer Research UK, herbal remedies focus on healing the entire body instead of concentrating on symptomatic issues. Ginseng, dong quai and green tea are just a few of the plant-based herbs that can be used for recovery.

Because the substances originate from plants, there are no chemicals introduced into the body. Every body system was designed to work in harmony with the environment. Using natural substances allows the body to absorb the nutrients within the tissues so that a full recovery is possible.

Application Techniques

Herbal remedies are incredibly versatile when it comes to applying them to a patient's body. Add herbal remedies to creams, create tinctures or consume pills to see the full effects of the plants. The National Institutes of Health report that some caregivers are trying dual therapies with chemotherapy and herbal solutions working in tandem.

Regardless of the application type, doctors should oversee any allergic reactions if any. Although rare, allergic reactions to herbal remedies are possible. Cancer patients tend to be more vulnerable in their weakened state. Ideally, patients might try a mild tea or test an area on their body before using a full dose of a specific herb.

Aromatherapy Options

The human body uses its five senses to remain aware of the world surrounding it. Researchers are using the concept of the senses to work on alternative solutions during cancer recovery. A branch of herbal medicine is called aromatherapy. Patients smell certain substances, such as lavender, and anxiety almost fades away. Relieving the mind of most worries will only improve a cancer-recovery process.

Comparisons With Synthetic Drugs

Whether patients use aromatherapy or green-tea extracts, herbal solutions are almost always better than synthetic drugs. The main difference is the treatment period. Plant-based solutions don't have the concentrated force of man-made drugs. Patients must use the herbal mixture for several weeks or months before they see a discernible difference.

Synthetic drugs offer a chance at instant gratification, but at a price. There can be temporary and permanent side effects when it comes to using these medicines, especially when they aggressively target cancer tumours. A slow and steady pace toward recovery will improve quality of life and possible remission.

It's a reality that different cancers respond to various treatments, including mesothelioma. Learn the facts about a particular ailment when a diagnosis is finally narrowed down. Trying natural solutions during recovery will only reduce the stress on the body systems while fighting off further damage. Herbs may be the answer to your health needs.


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                   Wotzinurfood, as a food, health and food news site, does not impose any copyright, “freely ye have received, freely give” Matt 10:8. Made by Aim Day Co.   Terms of Use | Privacy Policy

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