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Potential Benefits: When taking Vitamin E, a proper amount of Zinc has to be maintained in order to assist Vitamin E to do its job. Helps prevent free radical damage. May assist in preventing age spots due to the lipid interaction.

It is essential for reproduction and increases the fertility of the males and females. It may also restore male potency. In the female it will aid in lactation and fibrocystic breasts. Aids in the prevention of miscarriages. Helps promote proper cellular health, mental health, blood flow and protects red blood cells.

It is great for wound healing and helps to prevent blood clots. When it supplies more oxygen to the body, the body has more endurance. Helps support the lungs from day to day environmental pollutants. Improves circulation which can help with PMS.

Can help prevent scarring, healing, reduces blood pressure and may help with cataracts. Athletic performance may be improved.

Description: Vitamin E should be provided in a high-quality multivitamin in the form of d-alpha tocopheryl. This is necessary because the natural form of Vitamin E is identical in structure to the Vitamin E that the body produces.

It will be better absorbed than a synthetic Vitamin E and will remain in your system longer to give you more of its benefits.  

Vitamin E  (D-Alpha Tocopheryl)

Potential Side Effects: The recommended daily dose for Vitamin E should be less than 400 IU as some studies have allegedly suggested higher doses could be detrimental to health and that high doses could cause heart disease.

Others have suggested that the versions of Vitamin E were synthetic and therefore the results were inconclusive and misleading.

Further research will have to be carried out as some scientists have hinted that the results, again, would have pandered to big pharma losing a share in their heart drugs which haven’t been proven to be effective against heart disease.

Potential Interaction: Should be taken with Calcium.

General Usage: Remember, Zinc is essential to maintain proper Vitamin E levels.  

Food Sources: Alfalfa sprouts, almond, apricot kernels, avocado, barley, bean sprouts, bee pollen, broccoli, carrot, corn, cornmeal, eggs, fruit, grains, flax/linseeds, leafy greens, kelp, legumes, desiccated liver, nuts, milk, oatmeal, organ meats, olive oil, oranges, brown rice, rose hips, seeds, spinach, spirulina, all kinds of sprouts, sweet potatoes, Vegetable and nut oils, sunflower seeds, whole grains, wheat germ, and wheatgrass.