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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Sunset Yellow FCF is used in cereals, bakery, sweets, snack foods, ice cream, drinks like Lucozade and canned fish. Typical products include orange squash, jelly, jam, cake, sweets, soups, desert mixes, yogurt, ice lollies, sauces. Also in many medications including Berocca, Polaramine, Ventolin syrup.

Can provoke allergic reactions such as abdominal pain, hyperactivity, hives, nasal congestion, bronchoconstriction, kidney tumours, chromosomal damage, and distaste for food.

It produces urticaria, swelling of the blood vessels, gastric upset. Potentially dangerous to asthmatics; and persons with rhinitis should avoid it, is know to upset some of the digestive enzymes.

Not recommended for consumption by children. Banned in Norway and Finland.

Banned in Australia, Japan, USA and Norway.

Description: FD&C Yellow No:6, CI Food yellow 3, Sunset Yellow FCF consists primarily of disodium 2-hydroxy-1(4 sulfonatophenylazo) naphthalene-6-sulfonate, although the calcium and potassium salts are also used. Synthetic. Also called Orange Yellow S

Cancer Probability.

Has been linked to growth retardation and severe weight loss in animal tests and increased incidence of tumours in animals.

E110 Sunset Yellow FCF                                      

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