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Minerals Section.

Potential Benefits: The concept of fluoridation has been with us for decades. Some clever scientists noticed that organic fluorine is required with calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Ionic fluoride is not the same as the organic fluorine that contributes to bone and tooth health.

Organic fluorine is present in a great many foods and, as it is protein bound, is poorly absorbed. Ionic fluoride is, in contrast, rapidly and completely absorbed by the stomach.

Description: Organic fluorine, along with calcium and a little bit of help from molybdenum, forms calcium fluorapatite, which is recognised as the mineral element of teeth and bones.

However, Sodium Fluoride, which is in toothpaste, is highly toxic and should not be used long term. See Is Fluoride Really Safe?

Fluorine (Fluoride)  

Potential Side Effects: Overdose of Fluoride can result in abdominal pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, pain in arms, leg and face. Long term exposure can lead to cancer, Alzheimer's disease and fluorosis of teeth and bones, ending in osteoporosis

Potential Interaction: Ionic fluoride does not contribute to this process and instead causes the over stimulation of the parathyroid glands, resulting in abnormal bone growth, calcification of tendons and ligaments and interrupts the process which generates energy in cells. Fluorosis symptoms include: Mottled teeth, Osteoporosis

Bone spurs (abnormal bony projections), Calcification of tendons and ligaments, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome possibilities, Fluorosis may be fatal.

General Usage: May be taken daily.

Food Sources: Many foods made with toxic fluoridated water exist, but this does not make them healthy. These can be: Black Tea, Coffee, Tap Water and Bread, however, these products contain very small amounts of natural fluorine, together with; Asparagus, Avocado, Carrots, Cheddar Cheese, Cranberry Juice, Oats, Peaches, Potato Crisps, Raisins, Red Wine, Spinach, Strawberries, Tinned Crab, Tinned Tuna.