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E260 Acetic Acid

E270 Lactic Acid

E296 Malic Acid

E297 Fumaric Acid

E325 Sodium Lactate

E326 Potassium Lactate

E327 Calcium Lactate

E334 Tartaric Acid (L-(+))

E335 Sodium Tartrates

E336 Potassium Tartrates

E337 Sodium Potassium Tartrate


E338 Phosphoric Acid

E350 Sodium Malates

E351 Potassium Malate

E352 Calcium Malates

E353 Metatartaric Acid

E354 Calcium Tartrate

E355 Adipic Acid

E363 Succinic Acid

E380 Triammonium Citrate

E451 Triphosphates

E290 Carbon Dioxide

E330 Citric Acid

E331 Sodium Citrates

E332 Potassium Citrates

E333 Calcium Citrates

E339 Sodium Phosphates

E340 Potassium Phosphates

E341 Calcium Phosphates

E343 Magnesium Phosphates

E356 Sodium Adipate

E357 Potassium Adipate

E524 Sodium Hydroxide

E525 Potassium Hydroxide

E526 Calcium Hydroxide

E527 Ammonium Hydroxide

E528 Magnesium Hydroxide

E450 Diphosphates

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