Vaccines and Autism


The origins of this disease have been sketchy at best and at worst, downright lies and with the main aim being to sell vaccines to governments under the guise of helping the recipients combat cervical cancer. None of the information given to the teenage girls gives the correct reasons for taking the vaccine and certainly doesn't lead to proper informed choice.


Human Papillomavirus or HPV is billed as just another series of jabs along the path of growing up and it's just like your childhood MMR, Polio and Dip vaccines. No doubt a study into this will find these diseases were on the decline before "cures" were implemented. None of the testing, efficacy and side effects have been put to the girls and have been kept from parents by a "We're the government and we know best" attitude, so take your little jab and get on with life.

As is well known with Aids, Ebola and even Pneumonic Plaque all being created in the "Lab" is it any wonder that we suspect Human Papillomavirus to have arrived the same way.

The origins have been man made and play the "role" of the Hegelian Dialectic as well as the "Final Solution" and "Eugenics movements” (see above links) which have fooled so many people "Could it really still be happening in this modern era?" we ask. Well, yes and we will ignore it at our peril.

1st we had the slaying of the children in Moses' day, then the offering up to Moloch when the babies were put into red hot idols hands in exchange for blessings. We had the slaying of the innocents in Jesus' times and so it has continued up to the present day, with nearly 50 million abortions every year.

With more than were killed in 6 yrs of world war, along with family planning, one child per family limit in China, so you can see children are under attack, with the womb now being the most dangerous place to live, it should be the safest. This is once again under attack with these vaccines destroying the womb, making it unfertile, rendering the children unhealthy at best or miscarried or murdered at worst. This should not be happening.

Unfortunately, the side effects and even deaths from HPV are on the rise and in some cases, actual cancerous lesions have been reported, not to mention a massive increase in miscarriage, cancer and infertility or death with the vaccines in question, Gardasil and Cervarix.

Neither of these vaccines have had proper testing and in the words of the WHO advisor Dr Diane Harper, suggests giving the vaccine to teenagers is "....Giving the vaccine to girls as young as 11 years-old "is a great big public health experiment."  which basically says the vaccine isn't doing what it says on the box and all it's doing is making the big "Pharma" billions at the detriment of the health of millions. Each set of 3 jabs costs £245 and with there being approximately 250,000 taking the vaccine that equates around £56 million a year, no doubt covering the original costs.

These Human Papillomavirus vaccines have been rushed through, and with no doubt with £Million sweeteners attached, so as to make the money without the thought of the victim and now it's come to light some of the ingredients with each vaccine contains heavy metals like Mercury, Aluminium, Fluoride (a by-product of the Aluminium industry) which collects in the brain and has been linked to Alzheimer's and causing low will resistance.

If children are getting multiple vaccines this has to cause problems in the brain which has to effect educational abilities. In addition to this, as a preservative, rat poison in the form of "Sodium Borate" has been added and I wouldn't be aware of anyone wanting that in their body.

There's also evidence of others getting rich and even if demand went down, there would be no trouble getting rid of surplus batches as there's always somebody foolish enough to take the witches brew from your hands.

The most ironic of all these attempts to sell vaccines is the fact that although this is sold as an anti cervical cancer drug, they are now targeting young boys and amazingly they don't even have a cervix.

Didn't anybody tell them?

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                   Wotzinurfood, as a food, health and food news site, does not impose any copyright, “freely ye have received, freely give” Matt 10:8. Made by Aim Day Co.   Terms of Use | Privacy Policy

If you would like even more help and extra advice and information regarding Human Papillomavirus vaccines in Ireland and UK, please go to this web site:

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