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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: May have slightly less allergy/intolerance reaction by aspirin intolerant people and asthmatics than most of the azo dyes, although those with skin sensitivities should be careful.

Allura red has also been connected with cancer in mice

Not recommended for consumption by children.

Banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway


Description: Allura red is an artificial orange-red colour used in sweets, drinks and condiments, medications and cosmetics, synthetic; introduced in the early eighties to replace amaranth which was considered not safe due to conflicting test results.

Allura red has also been connected with cancer.

Any allergic reaction to this dye is small compared to reactions to other azo dyes, although asthmatics and aspirin intolerant people are still at risk.

E129 Allura Red AC                                            

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