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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Brilliant Black BN is used in decorations and coatings, brown sauces, blackcurrant cake mixes, desserts, fish paste, flavoured milk drinks, ice cream, mustard, red fruit jams, sauces, savoury snacks, soft drinks, soups and sweets.

Not recommended for consumption by children.

Banned in Denmark, Australia, Belgium, France, Canada, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Japan, Norway and greatly restricted Sweden.

Description: CI Food Black 1. Brilliant Black BN is a synthetic colour and an azo coal tar derivative. A highly toxic additive with many side effects.

Many of these dyes are discharged into the environment, like rivers and therefore can find their way into animals and ultimately humans. Also known as Black PN

May be carcinogenic. Potentially dangerous to asthmatics, probable cause for ADD in children and may cause urticaria and problem to rhinitis sufferers.

Also known to interfere with some digestive enzymes.



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