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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Used in soft drinks, fruit fillings, cheese, spreads and sauces, oil, cakes, butter, pastry, crisps, ice cream and lollies, coleslaw, crisps, custard, fish fingers, flavoured instant mashed potato, cream fillings and toppings, frying oil, icings, liqueurs, low calorie spreads, margarine, meat balls, salad cream and mayonnaise, smoked fish, soft drinks, sponge cakes and puddings, steak and kidney pie pastry and yogurt.

Also used to dye cheese, (Cheshire, Double Gloucester and Red Leicester) cereals, snack foods, soaps, textiles and varnishes.

Not recommended for consumption by children.

Known to cause urticaria (nettle rash) and flare-ups of angioneurotic oedema. It is implicated in asthma (containing salicylic acid) and hyperactivity. The HACSG* recommends to avoid it.

* Hyperactive Children Support Group (HACSG) (Canada)

Description: A yellow, peach or red vegetable dye obtained from the seed coat of the fruit of the Annatto tree, Bixa orellana. Water soluble annatto contains bixin, a carotenoid and the main colourant which may be inter converted by hydrolysis to norbixin.

Water soluble annatto contains sodium or potassium salts of norbixin as the major colourant. Annatto, bixin and norbixin can be used in a great variety of foods due to being either oil or water soluble.


Used as a body paint, fabric dye, antibacterial, antioxidant, digestive aid and expectorant.

E160b Annatto/Bixin/Norbixin

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