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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Typical products which Hexamethylene tetramine are include marinated fish. Amongst many others, this substance is utilised as a cross-linking agent for resins, rubber-to-textile adhesive, protein modifier, organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, an ingredient for explosives, fuel tablets, rubber accelerator, fungicide, corrosion inhibitor, shrink proofing textiles and as an anti-bacterial agent.

Not recommended for consumption by children. Can cause diarrhoea, panic attacks and reduced muscle control as well as irritate lungs and is cancerous in rats. Formaldehyde is extremely toxic to humans. Dangerous product.

Banned in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Description: Hexamethylene tetramine is obtained by reacting Ammonia with Formaldehyde and is used as a preservative and for infection of the urinary tract.


E239 Hexamethylene Tetramine

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