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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Sodium  Malate can be found in sweetened coconut, low salt substitute, all fruit drinks, soft drinks, dairy blend, tinned fruit, vegetables and pulses, jams, potato snacks, confectionary, spaghetti sauce, frozen vegetables, tinned tomatoes, jelly, and fruit squash.

Mostly safe but they are not allowed in infant food, as infants lack the necessary enzymes to metabolise these compounds.

Description: Sodium  Malate is a sodium salt of malic acid E296, a natural acid present in fruits. It is used as a buffer and flavouring.

Commercial Malic acid is usually a mixture of the two types, synthesised by heating malic acid with dilute sodium salt, under pressure.

Found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, especially apples. Commercially it is produced by synthesis. Also known as (i) Sodium malate (ii) Sodium hydrogen malate

E350 Sodium Malates

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