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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses:  Sodium Adipic is found in Herbal salts. It is metabolised in the body or excreted in the urine.

Adipic Acid is used as a firming and raising agent used in baking powder, beer, all fruit drinks, jams, pudding mixes, ice blocks, margarine, etc. Also used in the production of plastics including PVC, and also in antacids, which is strange considering it is an acid

Adipic acid, like most carboxylic acids, is a mild skin irritant. It is also an eye irritant.


Description: Sodium salt of adipic acid. Adipic Acid is a synthetic food acid from nitric acid or from beetroot. As it is synthetic using highly toxic petroleum hexanes, it would not be sensible to use this product on any long term basis.

Sodium Adipic is used as an acidity regulator.

Only a small amount can be metabolised by humans and is listed as having teratogenic properties, which is an abnormal congenital deformity in embryos.


E356 Sodium Adipate

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