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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Sorbitol is used in confectionary, dried fruit, pastries, low calorie foods, juices and chewing gum and mint sweets, pharmaceutical syrups and ophthalmic preparations and is the seventh most widely used preservative in cosmetics.

Not recommended for diabetics or people with fructose intolerance and can cause gastric disturbance and has been shown to aggravate irritable bowel syndrome.

Four pieces of low-joule chewing gum can make a child seriously ill, therefore not permitted in foods for infants and young children. Potentially dangerous.

Description: Sorbitol is an artificial sweetener and humectant; derived from glucose and is a sugar alcohol, either obtained from berries of the Sorbus aucuparia tree which is commonly called the Rowan or Mountain Ash or it can also be synthesised.

If mixed with Potassium Nitrate it can be used as a form of rocket fuel

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