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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses:  Silicon dioxide uses include artificial sweetener, anti-caking agent, thickener and stabiliser in beer, confectionary, sausages, dried milk - huge range of foods.

Silicon dioxide food safety is of prime concern especially when it is used as an additive. SiO2, added as an anti-caking agent to a food product is not safe when the SiO2 quantity is more than 2 percent of the food's weight.

More specifically, for SiO2 to be safe, it should be made by a process known as vapour phase hydrolysis.

If it is manufactured by any other process, then the recommended particle size of SiO2 should not exceed the safety norms.

Description: Silicon is an indispensable part of the food that we eat daily. In order to maintain healthy strong bones and joints, silicon dioxide in foods is very much essential.

Silicon dioxide is abundantly found in the Earth's crust. Sand or quartz are the two most common forms of silica. SiO2 has a myriad of uses, making it one of the most important mineral for humans.

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