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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Neohesperidine can be found in may include a wide variety of alcoholic beverages (and non-alcoholic), savoury foods, toothpaste, mouthwash and condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

It is also used in yogurt and ice cream and by taking the bitter edge of pharmacological drugs in tablet form.

Research has shown that at strengths of around and above 20 ppm, NHDC can produce side effects such as nausea and migraine.

Neohesperidine is also listed as being harmful if swallowed, possible damage to eyes and skin and very toxic to aquatic animals with damage to the environment.

Description: Neohesperidine, when treated with potassium hydroxide or another strong base, and then catalytically hydrogenated, it becomes NHDC, a compound roughly 1500-1800 times sweeter than sugar from grapefruit seed.

E959 Neohesperidine DC (NHDC)

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