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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Erythrosine is found in cocktail, glacé and tinned cherries, canned fruit, custard mix, sweets, bakery, snack foods, biscuits, chocolate, dressed crab, garlic sausage, luncheon meat, salmon spread, paté, scotch eggs, stuffed olives and packet trifle mix.

It is also used to reveal plaque in dental disclosing tablets.

Not recommended for consumption by children.

Banned in Norway and USA,

Description: A cherry-pink/red synthetic coal tar dye, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon.

Because food processing at temperatures above 200°c partly degrades Erythrosine, releasing iodide, there are fears that it could affect thyroid activity, can increase thyroid hormone levels and lead to hyperthyroidism, was shown to cause thyroid cancer in rats in a study in 1990.

It is toxic to some strains of yeast cells and is also implicated in photo toxicity (a sensitivity to light).

E127 Erythrosine                                                     

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