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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Typical products include processed meats, jams, soft drinks. May cause damage to genes. To be avoided by hyperactive people, asthmatics and aspirin sensitive people.

Also a risk of skin rash and anaemia. Thought to be carcinogenic when added to foods.

Not recommended for consumption by children.

Britain is the only European Union country to use Red 2G and it is also banned in Australia, Austria, Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United States.


Description: A synthetic red coal tar and azo dye, which is used particularly in meat products. The latter may contain sulphur dioxide and metabisulphite which normally have a bleaching effect, but Red 2G is relatively unaffected.

There is evidence that Red 2G can be converted to aniline in the gut. Laboratory tests have shown that Aniline causes anaemia in rats, as it affects haemoglobin in red blood cells.

E128 Red 2G                                                      

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