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Dangerous Caution Safe


Uses: Can be found in cheese slices. It is used in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. Depending on the product forms, apocarotenal is used in fat based food (margarine, sauces, salad dressing), beverages, dairy products and sweets

Safe providing the colour isn’t extracted using hexane

The process of extracting the acid uses hexane and acetone. The use of hexane to extract oil and other substances is controversial and in some cases people have died from hexane poisoning. In this case a worker using hexane based cleaner for iPhone touch screens

Description: An orange to red colour, normally synthetic when used as a food colour, although it occurs naturally in oranges and tangerines. It is a carotenoid found in spinach and citrus fruits.

Like other carotenoids, apocarotenal plays a role as a precursor of vitamin A, even though it has 50% less pro-vitamin A activity than beta-carotene.

E160f Ethyl Ester of Beta-apo-8’-Carotenoic Acid

           E 161b Lutein>>>