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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses:  Glycerol is used in flexible coatings on sausages and cheeses, also in crystallised and dried fruit, liqueurs and vodka, marshmallows, soft drinks, desserts, confectionary, tooth paste, etc

Glycerine has been shown to protect against DNA damage induced by tumour promoters, ultraviolet lights and radiation, presumably via free radical scavenging.

Large quantities can cause headaches, thirst, nausea and high blood sugar levels.

Description: Glycerol is used as a humectant and sweetener; oily colourless alcohol; derived by decomposition of natural fats with alkalis.

Glycerol is usually as a by-product of soap making using animal fat or vegetable oil; can be obtained from petroleum products sometimes synthesised from propylene or fermented from sugar.

E422 Glycerol

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