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Dangerous Caution Safe

Uses: Humectant, artificial sweetener, stabiliser, bulking agent, sugar substitute. Used in low-joule foods and carbohydrate modified sweets, chewing gum, ice-cream chocolate, and jams.

Lactitol can be used by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians. The term carbohydrate alcohol is a chemical definition; lactitol does not contain alcohol (ethanol).

During fermentation, gases are produced, which may cause bloating and flatulence. In intolerant persons it can act as a laxative.

Side effects normally occur after an intake of 25-30 grams in a single dose, which is far above the usage in normal foods.

Description: A synthetic carbohydrate alcohol, produced from milk sugar (lactose) derived from whey (milk). Humectant, sweetener.

A sugar alcohol in calorie controlled foods. Lactitol is partly absorbed and metabolised as glucose by the body; the remaining fraction is fermented in the large intestine.

E966 Lactitol

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