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Oral Doc Fluoride Free Strawberry 3 in 1 Children’s Toothpaste Gum Disease Ulcers Bad Breath Receding Gums

If you've ever had gum disease, were you experience painful throbbing red swollen gums, bleeding when brushing, bad breath (halitosis), pain shooting into your gums and tender mouth ulcers, you'll know you need to seek alternative treatment.

The dentist will give you short term relief by treating any disease, tartar build up and the worst, tooth extraction, but long term, it seems it's just a downward spiral. If your regular toothpaste was so effective, how come you're still getting gum disease and all of those symptoms.

Some of the reasons it can't help, are because the ingredients listed:-

Sodium Fluoride: A form of rat poison and used in nerve gas, causes vomiting, diarrhoea, lung problems and even death.

Titanium Dioxide: Used to keep pastes white and is linked to lung cancer and destroys flora and fauna.

Coloured Dyes: Causing asthma attacks, dizziness, tiredness and cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate: This is added to make toothpaste foam but is also used as a pesticide and is extremely toxic to life.

Triclosan: An all round general health hazard causing toxicity to internal organs, but destroys all aquatic life that comes in contact.

Should make any normal person see why using popular dental products should be completely avoided.

As sufferers of gum disease, and after successive treatments of antibiotics failed, we came across Oral Doc, and after 3 weeks of use amazed the dentist, all the symptoms cleared up, and we were able to continue with our dental treatment. Oral Doc is totally 100% natural oils of Almond, Apricot, Spearmint, Dried Strawberry, Strawberry Essential Oil and Peppermint, and because it's a liquid oil base, it penetrates even under the gums to destroy the bacterial germs that cause plaque and gum disease.

It also can be used as a mouth wash by putting a few drops into water, and because of the wonderful intense mint aroma, it also acts as a powerful breath freshener.Oral Doc Strawberry is designed with children in mind, who may not like the mint taste, but is equally suited to big children as well. The strawberry has a pleasant flavour and masks the natural mint taste. After using Oral Doc, you won't go back to any toothpaste as this is the most effective and natural product to treat and cure every condition you may experience inside your mouth.

Treatment: Oral Doc comes in a 10 ml bottle and it's recommended to use 2-5 drops, at a minimum of 3 times a day depending on the severity of your gum disease. 2 drops being a maintenance dose after treatment for gum disease. If it's severe enough you can use 5 drops which will keep any lingering bacteria at bay. You can then reduce the frequency or amount according to your need. Each bottle lasts approximately one month but the ingredients used are of the highest quality and doesn't have any side effects.

Free Tepe Interdental Brush is the standard 0.6mm simply because it is the middle size and most common. You can put the Tepe into the nozzle of the Oral Doc bottle, tip it upside down to coat the Tepe and then brush between your teeth for a really fresh feeling cleanness, pain relief and brilliant fresh breath.

Please be careful using Oral Doc if you have any nut or seed allergy as the base is made with Organic Almond and Apricot seeds. The ingredients and the natural strawberry means this product is not clear, but still has the benefits of our popular drops.


If you would like additional information on the dangers in your toothpaste, please visit: http://www.wotzinurfood.com/toothpaste.html