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Uses: Turmeric has beneficial effect on the blood sugar in diabetics. It can increase the liver's secretion of bile and protect the liver from toxic substances. Curcumin may be used to compensate for fading of natural colouring in pre-packed foods. Recognised as an anti-carcinogenic agent during laboratory tests.

Typical products include fish fingers, fizzy drinks, butter and other dairy produce, cakes and biscuits, margarine, processed cheese, curry powder, cooking oil, sweets, cereals and sauces.

Turmeric is also very heavily used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking where it lends to a yellowish sauce and compliments other colours used like paprika and annatto

Description: Turmeric is the crude extract, and curcumin is the purified compound from the root and stem of the Yellow root (Curcuma), which is a perennial plant of the ginger family. It can also be artificially produced.

Turmeric Curcumin is also very useful for the treatment of arthritis and the use as a natural painkiller without the side effects caused by anti inflammatory drugs.

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